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Winners of the 21st edition of Malescorto

The winners of the International Short Film Festival were announced on Saturday 31 July.

The short film "Le Syndrome d'Archibald" won the first prize in this edition of the Festival!

1,212 short films received, of which 686 were admitted to the pre-selection: from fiction to animation, from documentary to mockumentary, video clips, experimental cinema, video art, commercials and much more.

Once again this year, the audience that faithfully followed the screening evenings of the Vigezzo festival was able to experience a real tour of the world, from Africa to Asia, from Europe to Oceania. As many as 61 countries around the world were represented and ideally gathered in the small village of Malesco: the 21st edition of Malescorto (supported by Regione Piemonte, Ente Parco Nazionale Val Grande, Fondazione Comunitaria del VCO, Ordine degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori delle province di Novara e VCO, Associazione Musei dell’Ossola and Centro Servizi per il Territorio Novara-Vco) was much appreciated by the public, which was numerous from the first day, both online and in attendance.

The Cinema Comunale of Malesco hosted from 27 to 30 July, every evening, the screenings of the short films of the Official Selection. On Saturday 31 July, during the final day, the public could enjoy a full immersion, watching the winning short films on the big screen.

To find out the winners of each award and selection click here.

See you in 2022 with the new edition of Malescorto!

© Riccardo Rapini

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