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Learn about the sections of the festival:

1. Malescorto Grand Prix 2023 (1000€)

Since 2016, an absolute Malescorto prize has been established, assigned to the best short, regardless of belonging to a specific section.

2. "Order of Architects of the Provinces of Novara and VCO" Award (400€)

In collaboration with the Order of Architects of Novara and VCO is awarded a prize to the short film set in the best indoor or outdoor location.

4. "MaleSchools" prize (300€)

Assigned to the School Institute and to those in charge of the production of the best short made by the schools.

5. "Val Grande National Park" prize  (€ 300)

Awarded to the director of the best short film inspired by environmental, naturalistic and sustainability issues. This recognition, born in collaboration with the Val Grande National Park, will reward short films that will be able to describe the relationship between man and nature, paying attention to ecology, the link between natural capital and cultural capital, and the relationship between man and uncontaminated nature. There are no territorial reference limitations.

6. "Di-segnare" prize (200€)

Assigned to the production company of the best animated short, an award offered by the Ossola Museums Association, as part of the Interreg "Di-segnare" project.

7. "Territories" prize (€200)

Awarded to the director of the best short film shot in the territory of the Insubrica Region which includes: Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Province of Varese, Canton Ticino, Province of Sondrio, Province of Como, Italian Grigioni, Province of Lecco (except Valle San Martino), Province of Monza and Brianza, Metropolitan City of Milan, Province of Novara, part of the Province of Pavia (Pavese and Lomellina) and Province of Lodi.

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