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Municipality of the Val Grande National Park, it obtained the Bandiere Arancioni recognition in 2007. Over the centuries Malesco has been the most populous village in the Vigezzo Valley. Its origins probably date back to prehistoric times; in the pinewood next to the Rio Secco there are traces of a pre-Christian magic-pagan cult: the "coppellati" boulders and the "scivolone" stone, so called because women let themselves slip on it as a propitiatory rite linked to fertility. Many are the finds of the Roman age discovered on the territory: tombs, furnishings and the paving of an ancient street.

Not to be missed:
  • Regional Ecomuseum of Leuzerie and Scherpelit

  • Church dedicated to SS Peter and Paul

  • Oratory of San Bernardino

  • Church of Gabbio

  • Lavatoio with the exhibition dedicated to Giovan Maria Salati



Geographically in the nearby Cannobina valley but politically in the Vigezzo valley: Finero is located on the axis of two different valleys and conquers the tourist for its remote location, its absolute peace and its authenticity. During the Second World War, the village was particularly linked to the Resistance: in the summer of 1944, during the great round-up, sixteen partisans were captured in Val Grande, tortured for days and finally shot in Finero, in the place where today stands a monument to the memory.

Not to be missed:
  • War Memorial

  • WWF Oasis in Pian dei Sali 

  • Oratory of Madonna del Sasso

  • Cappella del Peretti

  • Church of San Gottardo



The hamlet of Zornasco is located near the village of Malesco in an elevated and sunny position. The historical nucleus is composed of splendid buildings that still preserve their stone roofs. The Via Crucis (Way of the Cross), dating back to the early 19th century, is one of the most beautiful in the whole region. Finally, do not miss the historic Mulin dul Tacc developed on two floors and dating back to the seventeenth century. At the beginning of the 2000s the building was completely renovated and became part of the Ecomuseum and Leuzerie and Schelpelit complex in the summer of 2007.

Not to be missed:
  • Church of Saint Bernard of Menton

  • Via Crucis

  • Dul Tacc Mill

  • Church of Santa Rita

  • Climbing wall



Between nature and culture

Loana Valley Tour

Duration: 1h e 30 minutes

Elevation gain: 100 m.

Difficulty: touristic

Alpe Cortino.png

Incredible views and authenticity

Alpe Cortino

Duration: 1h e 30minutes

Elevation gain: 370m.

Difficulty: touristic


One step away from the sky

Cima Laurasca

Duration: 6h

Elevation gain: 1000m.

Difficulty: experienced hikers

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