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Ettore Romagnoli at Malescorto 2019

Aggiornamento: 30 giu 2021

For the opening evening of Monday, July 29 Malescorto will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing: from 21 hours at the Cinema Comunale will be screened two short lunar-themed "Blue Moon" by Andrea Moneta and "Le Voyage dans la lune" by Georges Méliès. Following this, as part of the initiatives "Un colpo di teatro. Ettore Romagnoli nella Malesco degli anni '30" will be staged a preview of the show "Il Sogno di Ettore" (Hector's Dream) dedicated to Romagnoli, the Italian Greek scholar and man of letters, who was a holidaymaker in the Vigezzo Valley in the 1930s and here consecrated a successful theatrical experience.

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