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Fenix – Una storia di vendetta

Many events that will anticipate the main body of Malescorto, Intrenazional festival of short films: among the many stands out the premiere screening for Piedmont of the film "Fenix - A story of revenge". The film, shot largely in Val Vigezzo and Valle Cannobina, will be presented to the public at the Municipal Cinema of Malesco on July 5, 2019.

The story of this project comes from the mind and the dream of five young guys, the producers of the film: Giuliano La Rocca, Maurizio Sala, Pietro Sala, Luca Catino and Francesco Galli.

These five filmmakers have always believed in a project that immediately turned out to be ambitious and complex, that of producing a genre film with the aim of enhancing young resources.

The project took its first steps in 2012 with the first shooting in Sardinia, in Medio Campidano, with a crew of only six people. Over the years it has developed and expanded, collecting collaborations with more than 200 people including young technicians, artists, associations, foundations and institutional bodies. The filming took place for several sessions between 2012 and 2017, starting from the aforementioned Sardinia to touch the valleys of Piedmont and the plains of Lombardy. The project was realized with an incredibly low amount of money: less than 30,000 euros. In 7 years of production it has collected not only people and structures but also ideas; it has developed a script that has been shaped and molded according to the needs of the story it tells, from the early stages of pre-production to post-production. Moments, these, fundamental for the artistic union of several elements that have come to the squaring of the circle.

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